Downsizing: simplify and enjoy Custom-Made Closets

Posted by Lee Kaufman on Jul 17, 2012 5:16:00 PM

Our client Sharon downsized from a three bedroom apartment in an outer borough of NYC to a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan.  Our designer met with Sharon and her contractor to determine her custom closet needs in her downsized space.  Because Sharon engaged us during the renovation, she was able to easily act on our storage solutions for her small space and her contractor added two small closets that not only provided the additional storage that she needs, but improved the layout of her apartment.  Adding additional storage can be easily accomplished when you are renovating your apartment (or better yet, in the case of new construction, before you move in).  When space is at a premium, storage organization is critical, and we designed customized closets to precisely meet her needs and her downsized belongings. 

Tags: Bedroom